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Bringing efficiency to online coaching

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About the platform

1FIT comprises of 2 applications
that make up the end to end
experience, one for the coach and
one for the clients

Promoting effortless client
engagement to ensure day to
day efficiency for the coach, allowing
them to positively impact as many
people as possible

The App

A connected platform which makes it easy to provide a tailored service

A clean user experience where detailed progress tracking meets simplicity and ease of use

1FIT is the enabler for you to efficiently provide your best service and actualise your business growth


A single integrated platform to make it simple for clients

A connected experience which houses every part of a successful fitness journey in one space

1FIT makes it as easy, intuitive and sustainable as possible to engage with the coaching process


Features available


Easy check-in process for both coach and client.

Client management

Manage your clients efficiently & effectively.

Activity tracking

Track your steps and calories burned, either manually or by syncing with apple health.


Save yourself time and energy by leveraging our automation functionality.

Business performance

Watch and track your business’ growth.

Workout distribution

Allocate workouts to your clients by the click of a button.

Nutrition tracking

Track your nutrition, either manually or by syncing with myfitnesspal.

Habit forming

Make 1FIT a part of your daily routine.

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